Emergency Clinics

Our Mission: To provide excellence in patient care as an extension of the region’s primary veterinary care practices through emergency, critical care and specialty services.

The Veterinary Emergency Clinic is an emergency and specialty care provider committed to providing service when your primary care veterinarian cannot.

The Links Road Animal and Bird Clinic in Toronto offers care for all pets with expertise encompassing approximately 60 years of combined clinical and surgical experience.

Pet Health Resources

Support your pet’s well-being 24/7Start with free vet advice and your pet’s profile in one trusted spot. Finally, a safe place to explore your pet’s health questions, keeps your pet’s health record, and stay in touch with your vet for the best guidance… plus adopt a pet or find a lost pet.

Do you have questions about animal health, medications, therapies, surgery, behavior, or safety? Did your veterinarian suggest you visit this site to learn more about a health issue concerning your pet?

Dental Care

Parasite Prevention

Pet Care and Grooming

Welcome to Parker Pet Care, Toronto’s premier lodging facility for dogs and cats

Your pet deserves the best when you need to be away from them. At Parker Pet Care, we go beyond traditional cat and dog boarding to provide fun and comfortable lodging with activities and socialization to keep your pet happy and relaxed while you’re away. Whether just for the day or for a longer stay, you can rest assured knowing that your cat or dog is receiving the best of care. 


We believe all animals – from your pet to the companion animals we care for – should be loved and cared for during their lifetimes. That’s why we’re proud our pet foods can make a difference in your pet’s life. We make this pledge to you about our commitment to the welfare of animals everywhere.

The mission of Royal Canin has always been Health Nutrition, which is characterized by a precise balance between about 50 nutrients. The formulation of our foods is like a complex puzzle whose construction makes it possible to guarantee a consistent nutritional formula that meets the specific needs of cats and dogs.

Pet Insurance

Pet Loss and Microchipping